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Unlock the full potential of your community. Flexible and powerful tools that leverage the latest Cloud and mobile technology to change how your organization manages mission-critical stakeholder engagement processes.



As a leading provider of bespoke community engagement tools, we work with clients demanding a large variety of integration points in their outreach architectures. Any organization which needs to forge an authentic and lasting dialogue with people that matter to it can benefit from community engagement.



Any group of people that are effected by how your business or organisation operates is a 'community' that you can engage with.

Communities range from the residents living near your proposed infrastructural project to high-level stakeholders involved in your corporate governance.


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Research has demonstrated that making clear efforts to engage communities in an organisation's decision-making process leads to stronger two-way engagement and gives them a powerful sense of 'ownership' over the consultation's outcome.

Mobile-based in-field technology is increasingly being accepted as the means of conducting this kind of traditionally paper-based outreach.


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